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Monday, February 6, 2012

Cannibals love it, so should hypochondriacs

Take a cue from cannibals, not that I know much about them, but they do love to throw their dinner and boil them in a cauldron of stew. Well, of course cooked stew tastes far better than raw dinner. Again, I'm guessing. Or maybe they prefer to boil their dinner for sanitary reasons? can only wish.

So, before you think I've lost my marbles, what I'm trying to say is that, first off, most if not all hypochondriacs, would love to autoclave every single utensil that they come into contact with. but it really is not feasible to invest in an autoclave for everyday usage due to time and monetary constraints. So, why not, let's go primal and follow the cannibals! To boil of course!

See, this is what I do. I boil my earrings in hot water before I use them. Well, needless to explain,
I certainly do not feel comfortable putting my earring studs through my lobes especially with the thought that someone has pawed my earrings before. Voila, I just boil a pan of water and just as it's reaching boiling point, I put my earrings in to disinfect it with the boiling water. Well, put your earrings in just at boiling point so as not to wreck them. Turn off the fire and let the earrings simmer in the boiling water. Voila, you are safe to use your earrings!

Oh, I do that to my razor too EVERYTIME before I use them. I couldn't bear not boiling them to disinfect it lest I nick myself in the shower.Uuurgh... big no no.

Well, I would certainly love to stay in a giant plastic bubble had I not discovered boiling. Hopefully you could try this out to allay your fears.

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